Invicta S. Coifman Glycine


European warranty information.
If your watch is sold by TechnoMarine watch Europe (European warranty card) your TechnoMarine watch comes with an 2 year warranty program.

What is the European Service center address?
TechnoMarine Service Center Europe
Kronenburgpark 12A
5321 JM Hedel
The Netherlands

Do I receive any information after sending my Invicta watch to the European service center?
Yes, you will. We developed our own unique online repair portal. Once we receive your watch we will enter the watch in our repair portal. You will receive an automated email that we have received the watch in good order and the #REPAIRNUMBER will be in there for your reference. Once the repair goes into the repair process you will receive a status update once the watch is being inspected by our Invicta watchmakers and when the watch is ready from repair.