Invicta S. Coifman Glycine

General information

Your TechnoMarine watch comes with an 2 year warranty program (24 month) from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty protocol.

Faulty watches purchased from TechnoMarine can be shipped to our European Service Center, check the address of our European Service Center below. Shipping costs and all other costs related extra costs are for the customers expense.

After receiving the watch repairs the watches will be entered in our Online Repair Portal, each watch repair will get an unique repair number. The watch will enter the repair process and the watches will be checked thoroughly by our certified watchmakers and after the problem is established the watch will be repaired according the TechnoMarine Watch repair program.

Once the watch passed the intensive quality control the watch will be checked a final time before shipped back to the customer. If the warranty is approved the return shipping costs will be covered by TechnoMarine.


  1. Register your repair online.
  2. Print out the repair form twice. Add 1 repair form to the watch and keep 1 repair form for you own administration.
  3. Send the watch to our European Service center. Ship the watch in a proper box. Secure shipping is strongly advised!! Please do not include the Invicta watch box, this will not be returned.
  4. Your watch is received by TechnoMarine and the "STATUS" will be changed to "RECEIVED".
  5. You will receive an email that we have received your watch in good order and the repair process will start accordingly.
  6. The watch will be checked by our certified Invicta watchmaker team to determine the exact nature of the problem.
  7. If the warranty is APPROVED we will do our best to perform the warranty repair as soon as possible. Estimated repair time will depend on availability of the needed spare parts to perform the repair.
  8. If the warranty is NOT APPROVED we will send you a detailed repair estimate to get your watch in pristine condition again.
  9. The watch is placed under numerous, rigoreus tests to ensure all functions are working perfectly.
  10. The watch is ready from repair and ready for shipment back to the given address.

TechnoMarine Service center Europe
Kronenburgpark 12A
5321 JM Hedel
The Netherlands
0031-73-5995660 Ext 2, for service.